Denzell Gardens and The Devisdale

The 20-minute amble up to Denzell Gardens from Hale Railway Station is well worth the walk.

You are nearly there when you pass the Bowdon Lawn Tennis Club on the right.

The distinctive black and white Lych Gate is your entrance to Denzell Gardens from Green Walk.

Beyond that you will find the stunning Gardens and Denzell House.

It is a real hidden gem.

You can still walk around the House, but not inside, and it does not take much to imagine how the Cottontots of Manchester lived in the 19th century.

Most of the visitors to The Devisdale, which sits beside Denzell Gardens, are dog owners – so why not make your trip to Hale on the train one for your pet dog as well?

The gardens are free to enter and open from dawn until dusk for all to enjoy.

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