Enid Stacy (1868 – 1903) Blue Plaque

Enid Stacy campaigner.

Enid studied at Bristol University and was a teacher at Redlands High School for Girls. She met members of the Independent Labour Party and began to be involved in organising workers.

Enid took part in strikes and throughout the 1890’s travelled widely lecturing for the Independent Labour Party and with the Clarion newspaper’s van.

Enid campaigned tirelessly for women’s suffrage.

In 1897 she married a fellow ILP member Rev. Percy Widdrington; three years later, Enid’s husband became vicar of Calderbrook in Littleborough.

Sadly, she died two years later; many believe that Enid’s early death was the result of overwork.

She is buried at St James Church in Calderbrook.