Juliana Ewing (1841-1885) Blue Plaque

There is a Blue Plaque at this location recognising Juliana Ewing who lived at the are between 1849 and 1862.

The plaque reads:

“here lived  1877 – 1878  Juliana H. Ewing author.”

Juliana Horatia Ewing (née Gatty) (3 August 1841 – 13 May 1885), was a children’s author.

Juliana, known as Julie, was the second child of the Rev. Alfred Gatty , vicar of Ecclesfield in Yorkshire.

Her mother, Margaret, was also a children’s author.

Julie’s early stories appeared in the Monthly Packet magazine.

In 1867 she married Major Alexander Ewing and he was posted to Canada where the couple lived for two years.

The Ewings returned to England, living in Aldershot and, briefly, Altrincham.

Alexander was posted abroad again, but Julie’s poor health prevented her joining him.

She wrote several novels for children, including The Brownies whose title gave the Baden-Powells the idea and name for the junior Girl Guides.

Julie’s admirers included Rudyard Kipling and E.Nesbit.

She died in Bath in 1885.

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