Ann Todd

Ann Todd (24 January 1909 – 6 May 1993) was born in Hartford, Northwich and at the height of her fame became a major film star in Britain and Hollywood.

She had studied drama at the Central School of Speech and Drama and had her first part in a film in 1931.

Throughout the thirties she starred in a number of films produced by film mogul of the time Alexander Korda

Her big break came in 1945 when she starred in “The Seventh Veil” alongside legendary actor James Mason. This was a great success and it gave her a lucrative film contract worth over millions of dollars.

She was compared to Greta Garbo because of her ice blonde beauty and that led to her being cast as the lead in a film made by the iconic producer Alfred Hitchcock in the film “The Paradine Case” alongside her male lead Gregory Peck.

Ann married three times but her last husband was renowned film director David Lean for whom she appeared in a number of films including the 1950 “Madeleine.”

She eventually died in London in from a stroke aged 84.